Available on Google Play

Stream Player
A basic audio stream / internet radio player with customizable playlist that plays many audio stream formats and displays track info when available.
Totally free! No ads. No in-app purchases. (Of course if the audio stream you are listening to has advertisements as part of its programming, that has nothing to do with this player)

Privacy Policy
This app does not read, use, save, track or share the contents of any personal data or metadata.
Your custom user streamlist is stored on your device and is not shared or tracked in any way.
This app does not collect any data about your use of the app.

Explanation of permissions requested
"View network connections" - Allows the app to determine if your device is connected to the internet.
"Full network access" - Allows the app to connect to internet audio stream servers for playback on your device.
"Prevent device from sleeping" - Allows the app to play the audio stream while device screen is off.


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